Fujian Motor Industry Group Co. Ltd. (“FJMG”), founded in 1992, with registered capital of 1.3743 billion RMB, is the core enterprise of Fujian automotive industry and the production base of buses, sedans and light vehicles.

Our products include sedans, SUVs, MPVs, large and medium-sized light buses, minibuses, heavy and light trucks as well as new energy vehicles, etc. We own or invests 7 complete vehicle manufacturers such as King Long Motor Group Co., Ltd. (KLM), Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. (“Fujian Benz”), Soueast (Fujian) Motor Co., Ltd. (SEM), New Longma Motor Co., Ltd. (NLM), YUDO New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (YUDO), etc. In addition, there’re many upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises of automotive industry owned by us, including FJMG Automotive Engineering Institute, Fuben Automotive Co., Ltd., Xiamen KLC Co., Ltd., Xiamen Golden Dragon Auto Body Co., Ltd., King Long Automobile Air Conditioner Co., Ltd., Xiamen Golden Dragon Auto Seat Co. Ltd., King Long Jiang Shen Frame Co., Ltd., Star Alliance Auto Accessories Co., Ltd., Landhigh Logistics Co., Ltd., Soueast Auto Trade Co., Ltd., FJMG Car Rental Co., Ltd., FJMG Auto Exhibition Co., Ltd., Sichuan Fuben Auto Trade Co., Ltd., etc. We are one of the auto groups with full production categories, abundant product resources and a complete supply chain in China.

During China's 13th Five-Year Period (2016-2020), leaded by King Long Motors Group, we focus on the economic efficiency. Guided by "One Belt One Road" and "Made in China 2025" strategy, we will actively seize the opportunity brought by building "Fujian Free Trade Zone" and the Core Area of "the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" to develop new energy vehicle, to promote the development of indigenous innovation and to build self-owned brands. We will coordinate to develop both domestic and oversea markets by enhancing international cooperation as well as intensifying internal integration, and build a uniform platform for large, medium-sized and light buses, making the buses, minibuses, sedans and new energy vehicles enterprises all prosperously developed. We will strive to achieve the goals of "characteristic product structures, excellent developments and qualities, strong comprehensive strength and a large-scale industry ".

In the long-term development, FJMG will thoroughly implement the "double hundred" strategy put forward by Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Fujian Provincial Government, and strive to build two automotive clusters: one is Fuzhou Qingkou (SEM and Fujian Benz), Putian Hanjiang (YUDO new energy vehicle) and Ningde(CATL) automotive cluster, focusing on developing a world-class passenger vehicles' (new energy vehicles) industry, of which the goal of production and sales is 1 million. The other is Xiamen (KLM), Zhangzhou (KLM Longhai base), Longyan (NLM) and Quanzhou automotive cluster, focusing on developing an industry of world-class buses (new energy buses) and upscale passenger vehicles, aiming to reach the goal of producing and selling 1 million vehicles. With complementary advantages and coordinated development, these two clusters will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of Fujian automotive industry, and achieve intensive, large-scale and international development.

Address:7 Gaoxin Avenue,Haixi Park,Fuzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Fujian,China

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